First Frost

lowpointWoke up this morning to a little frost on the windshield.  Yep, it’s getting cold outside.
First thought was “Glad I drained the water from the Trailer”.  I don’t completely winterize my RV as we live in Oregon and our temps in the valley rarely get too cold.  That and we use our trailer all year round.  What I do however is make sure that I drain the water for December and when we are not using it in the colder months.
Last Friday I got under the trailer and opened the low point drain plugs and pulled the plug on the water heater.
2 years ago, not thinking about the heater, I drained everything except the water heater. $900 later I had a new heater and a very expensive lesson learned.  The water heater not only froze, but cracked almost in half and the valve split also.  A total loss.  So now I drain the heater, open all the faucets, and drain the water using the low point drain.  Then I pour RV anti freeze down the sinks, toilet, and shower.  Just enough to put some in the tanks and leave some in the P-traps.  We have not had any issues with freezing since.
In January of this year we went to Bend, Oregon for the weekend.  We decided to take the trailer and camp at Tumalo State Park.  It snowed like crazy and we woke up on Sunday to sheets of ice.  I was glad that I had put a bit of anti freeze in the tanks and we filled our fresh tank so we didn’t have to rely on the city water hook up.  I was not sure if the hose would not freeze.  I did know that the fresh tank would stay above freezing just because of the heater being run in the trailer.  We stayed perfectly warm in the RV and everything was alright.  I was happy that our trailer has an enclosed bottom and the pipes are not exposed.  Running the heater kept the pipes warm as they run next to the heat ducts under the trailer.  When we got back home the temps were back up in the low 40’s.  I checked for leaks and cracks and all systems were fine.
So this morning, when I got up to head to the gym and saw frost on the truck.. I looked over to the trailer and didn’t have a worry.
An expensive lesson a few years back sure was a lesson learned well.  Along with tinkering we do in and on our rigs, it’s always important to stay ahead of those things that can really put a damper on your fun.
Keeps the Happy Place Happy!