Some Hot Hose Talk…

0GhoseThe hose is an essential part of the RV gear.  Lets face it, if you want water in your RV… it’s going to come from a hose at some point.
For going on three years now we have used the Camco White drinking hose that is the standard when it comes to RVing.  I think that when we purchased our trailer the hose was either included or it was the one that the dealer put in our basket to buy.  Either way it has been a good hose and did exactly what it was supposed to do… move water from the source to the trailer.  On our never ending quest to get the cool stuff for the trailer, every trip is an outing to discover.  On our last trip the family across from us had the Zero-G hose.  I was intrigued by the look and watching him put it away convinced me that I needed to have it.
We got home and the research began.  Video and video and review after review, I knew this hose had to become apart of our supplies.
The things that I was looking for in a new hose was 1.  That is was easy to use.  Rolling it up and storage of the hose had to be easy. 2.  The hose could be used for drinking water.  And 3.  That is was long enough without additional hoses being added.
It appears that this new Zero-G hose meets all of those requirements and I am looking forward to using it on our next outing.
What do you use?  What are the things you are looking for in your gear for your RV?
Let me know.. I am always in search of that perfect piece of gear.
This Zero-G hose seems to be a great addition out of the box for our Happy Place!
Thanks for checking us out!