Monday morning.. at least it’s not Sunday

fire71The old stand by of hating Monday’s has been eclipsed for our family as we look to a brighter, yet rainy day here in the Pacific Northwest.  You see, at least it’s not Sunday.
Yesterday our oldest Son had a house fire.
They bought this house earlier this year and were in the process of preparing the bedroom for our first Grandchild.  The house was starting to take shape and then in a flash, a road block is thrown at them.  We are not sure what caused the fire, the fire inspector deemed the fire cause as “unknown”, but we know it started in the kitchen.
The kitchen sustained all the fire damage and the rest of the house has been damaged by heat and smoke.  So all in all.. it could have been worse.  No structural damage or large damage areas, and most of all everyone is safe and ok.
Earlier on Sunday, the kids all came over to our house.  Our three kids and our daughter in law were going to spend the day together Christmas shopping.  They gathered at our house and were readying themselves to head out when our Son’s phone rang.  It was my mom.  My parents live a block away from the kids house.  She told John that his house was on fire.  We sprang up and all of us headed to their house.  As luck would have it they only live about 8 minutes from us.
When we arrived there were 5 Fire Trucks and what looked like a three dozen firemen. They had hoses everywhere and it looked like they were about to cut open the roof.  I ran as fast I could to get to the house, John and Bri have two big dogs and we were praying that they got out of the burning house.  As I came around the corner two firemen and my Dad were with the dogs.  They had them on respirators, but they looked otherwise in good shape.  The kids arrived shortly after I did and were met by the Battalion Chief.  He was very reassuring and kept giving us updates as reports from inside of the house were coming out.
Finally the hoses began to be rolled and stowed back on the trucks and the firemen began to get out of their fire fighting gear.  The Inspector showed up and began the task of figuring out the cause and putting together his report.  The Chief kept us informed and notified us that the damage, all things considered were pretty light.  We got to go into the house at that time.  Of course it looked awful.   Black walls and alarms still going off, it looked like something out of a movie.  Then we went into the kitchen.  Everything was melted, charred, or otherwise damaged.  But again, the damage was contained to the kitchen by and large.  The soot and heat damage looks a lot worse than it is.  The say they dodged a bullet is an understatement.
We spent the rest of the day with the fire department, insurance company, and securing the house.  Not the way you want to spend a Sunday.
I was shocked to see the Christmas Tree still standing and in tact.  Ornaments covered in soot, but it did not burn.  That was our first real sign that it could have been a whole lot worse.
The Good News.  It’s just stuff.  I guess we get pretty wrapped up in our stuff. But when something like this happens you count the blessings of what is really important.  No one is hurt, the dogs are ok and the stuff can be fixed, cleaned or replaced,
The RV.  Our Happy Place sits beside our house.  It is at its home base here and we keep it plugged in.  So there is an immediate place for the kids and their dogs to stay while we go through this process.  A comfortable bed and privacy.  Heat and a warm meal.  At the end of the day that was most important.  I was happy that we have the ability to help them this way and life can go as uninterrupted as we can make it.
What a Sunday.. for a change we were happy to see Monday come.
Today.. we head over to see the damage and meet with the Clean up and Restoration people.  With any luck the time line to recover won’t be to long.  While the kids have a place to stay, a family to support them, and won’t miss a meal, getting back to “Normal” will be nice.
I have a feeling that you will be getting some updates on this as we move forward.
Thanks for letting me share.


Motivation Monday!

Ok.. so I totally took this idea from a blog that I follow called Welcome to our Campfire. Every Monday morning I sit and read some of my favorite blogs, catch up on some news and get ready for my week.
Since retirement I find that goal setting and staying motivated is a priority for me.  I have always been a motivated guy, but a new sense of purpose keeps me motivated.
This last weekend I re certified my Wilderness First Aid by taking the 16 hour course again, my third time.  I find that rather than just taking the test to re certify, I like to take the whole class again, I always learn something new.
And that is the Motivation for this Monday.. Never stop learning!  Be a life long learner. There is always something to learn.  I am no Einstein.. but he said it best.. “Once you stop learning, you start dying.”  I for one.. am not ready to die.
Have a Great Monday.. and week!