Meat and Green – Wellness Wednesday

TreadmillEMFads and Diets come and go.. We have never really been able to stick to them, mainly because we do not see them as sustainable, or the food tastes like card board, or yeah… I’ll say it.. we lack the discipline to follow through with it.
Since November we have been on a quest to get a little healthier, loose some weight and in general get fit.  It’s been a struggle for me, Teresa has been doing a great job.  She found a program for her that is working and is super motivated to shed the weight.  While I am motivated, getting the weight off has been a struggle.  I tried a running app on my phone.  It was extremely hard for me to keep up with, and while I liked the program, it was too hard and I could not get the momentum to maintain the pace.  I am the kind of guy that likes to see results, even if they are small gains, it is tough for me to fight loosing battles.  The running app became a loosing battle for me and I lost motivation.  Teresa on the other hand has been steadily on a walking routine.  So I decided that if it is working for her it could work for me.  We go to the gym every day together and so joining her walking regimen seemed like a good fit.  I started two weeks ago doing her program and getting on board with her eating habits.
Going with the Meat and Green diet seems to be making strides.  2 pounds down and it is food worth eating and an exercise program that I can keep up with.
The brisk walking pace, cutting out a bunch of sugary junk, and going easy in the “extras” the results are looking good… so far.
I have told myself that this is it…. I have to stay the course and maintain motivation.  If I do, I will see the reduction in weight and get fit to meet my goals!
Fads and Diets may come and go.. but what is important to me getting healthier.  If it’s important it moves up on the must do ladder… And I’m climbing it!
Have a Happy Day!

The BIG 5 List – Pets

44497060_10215972748805023_4616306690273312768_oThis weeks BIG 5 List is all about pets.  Yep for the most part our four legged friends that love to hop in the RV and head out for adventures with us.
We have two traveling companions, Sadie and Chunk.  They are campers through and through.  When it’s time to load up the trailer, they are first to the door and ready to go.  Our little family members are seasoned campers  They have their spot in the RV and the truck and seem to love being out for the ride.
This week we will list our BIG 5 things to consider when traveling with your pet.
Here we go!
1.  Treat them like family.  When we take out little ones with us, we include them in most if not all of our activity.  We don’t bring them so they can just sit in the RV.  We have pets for companionship.  Leaving them alone all day is not why they want to be with you.. or the other way around.
2.  Make sure to give them their space.  We throw a extra large dog bed on the floor of the trailer.  It is a place for them to nap, lay around, or delight in a treat.  But it is their space and they know that they are welcome when we give them that place to be a part of our journey.
3.  Take their favorite stuff.  We have a blanket they like, their bed and of course their toys.  Again, it is a part of making them welcome.. that and when you do have to leave them alone, they have their stuff to keep them entertained.
4.  Make sure their shots are up to date and bring along their medical record/shot records.  You never know when you will need them.  An unexpected trip to an out of town Vet or a trip to Petsmart for a special Spa Day.  You will need to have that documentation.  I have even heard of some camp grounds or RV resorts that want to know that your pets are current.
5.  Our Dogs love to take walks.  Help your dogs help you stay fit.  I see too many dogs just leashed (chained) up to a tree in the campsite while the people ignore them.  Walks on the beach are Sadie and Chunks favorite camping activity.  Chasing the ball on the beach is Chunks idea of heaven on earth.  So get out and active with your pets.

We love our pets and want them to be a part of our lives and our camping adventures!  If you bring them along have a great time with them.  They are special to all of us.
Oh.. a bonus item for the list…
If you have barkers… yeah ours tend to bark at times too.. but they typically bark when they are scared or lonely.  The more they know you are there for them, the less they bark.  At least that’s our experience.
Thanks for coming along with us… what are some things you do with your pets and hey… how about giving us a tip on your pet experience.  Leave us a comment.
Have a Happy Day!

Two Months and all is well

retiredIt’s been two months since my last day of employment.  My retirement day and “ceremony” was nothing special other than the drive home when I realized that waking up every morning was going to be different.  I would have to find a new purpose for getting out of bed.  Life was no longer about waking up and providing for the family, the retirement plan would now take care of that.  For the first week I spent time realizing how life would be different.  I created task lists and to do’s.  I spent time thinking about future direction and the projects that I would be taking on, we established our goals for 2019 and beyond.  And low and behold I became busier that I ever have been.  A good kind of busy though, a busy that is driven by me and what I want to do, when I want to do it.
I have mentioned before that I am very active in Scouting.  Scouting has taken a large amount of my time.  It is time that I love giving as I know and have seen the benefits of the program in building up youth and leading them to be good people that will one day assume leadership in our communities.  That is a subject for another time, but I share this to say that being retired has allowed me more time to give to Scouting.
I was asked a few months before my retirement if I would entertain the idea of leading a major project for the local Scout Council.  Taking on the Committee Chairman position to lead the Contingent to the 2021 National Jamboree.  I accepted this position with the understanding that it would essentially become a full time job (not paid).  And so far it has lived up to that expectation.  There is almost something every day that I have to dedicate to this effort.  Don’t get me wrong.. I love it and it has been a ton of fun…. so far.
But today marks the two month mark since my retirement.  Teresa and I had discussed as we were planning for the retirement what the first few months would look like.  How the money would be budgeted, what to do with my time, and of course, how much time we could spend in the RV.  So with the holidays right on the heals of the retirement, the kids house burning, and the birth of our grandson, it has been a real busy two months.  We did manage to get our in the RV once in November, but it soon became a temporary home while the insurance found a place for the kids to stay.  That is all working out just fine now for the kids and it looks like their house will be ready to move in around April or May.
So in the first two months all things considered all is well.  We are not worried about the money, we are keeping busy, going to gym every morning, and then there is the blog and the Youtube Channel.  Which we have taken on as a project to share our happy life.
The blog is… well you tell me… doing well?  I am not sure what that means or how to measure it.  I see the number of views and subscriptions have gone up, but in the two months since we started it we are not certain that our goal of establishing community has moved the needle.  We have not received feedback and our comments sections are extremely quiet.  So I assume that just takes time and time is something that we have for sure.
The Youtube channel relaunch also has been real quiet.  While our effort thus far has been in getting our plan together as to what our channel is going to look like and we are creating content and plans for future content, the growth of the channel is pretty non existent… but that too takes time and with more and more content we hope hope that it will grow.  For us it is about sharing the story.  We understand that there are millions of options on Youtube, but as we watch other channels we get the idea that there is something for everyone and a place for everyone’s story to be told.  So we will be hanging in there and will continue to create content for both the blog and the Youtube Channel.  It’s only been two months, the reality world that I live in knows that all good things need to grow and that simply takes time.  Time that we have.
It’s been two months to the day… and All is well.
Thanks for coming along with us on our journey.
Can I ask that you if you like what we are doing.. share it with a friend.  Check out our Youtube channel… and again, if you like what you see, share it.  If you don’t like it today.. check back.. the future looks fun for us and what we are trying to do.
Have a Happy Day!

Levi Adam

ttxpcv7brjyj1rxnee29igWe would like to introduce you to the newest member of our Family.  Levi Adam.
Levi is our First Grandchild…. and we can not be more happy to finally meet him.
We are so proud of our Son and Daughter In Law.  Levi is healthy and has already brought so much Happiness to our lives!!!  A terrific way to Start 2019!
Mom and Dad are doing great and are adjusting to being new parents.
Everyone for the last few months have been talking about how great being a Grand Parent is.  After 24 hours, I can totally see what they mean.  Our lives have changed over time and this is a very welcome change and addition to our Happy lives.
Levi was born on January 5th and weighs in at 7lbs 3 oz.  So far he has been a quiet little guy, but has certainly showed off his ability to let everyone know when he needs attention or wants to be close to his mom.
Did I mention we are so Happy!  Can’t wait to take our little guy camping!
Thanks for letting us share!

The BIG 5 List -Healthy New Year!

healthyI am not a big believer in “New Years Resolutions”.  Time and time again resolutions last about as long as it takes to make them and while it is a great intention, in the end there is no results that come with the resolution.
Setting goals for the new year however, if done correctly will produce results.  In an earlier post I talked about goal setting and how it can give you the results you are looking for.  And so it is that time of the year that we look to the new year and set new goals.  In Scouting Wood Badge terms, we “Write our ticket” for the new year and know that we will get the results that we want.
So for 2019 we are setting goals to be more healthy.  Yeah, there will be other goals, but we think that our health drives much of how the rest of our lives will go.
Being healthier will make us happier, it will allow us to be more active, it will make us feel better, it will reduce our doctor visits, it will save us money in the long run, and it will give Teresa and I some together goals that will make us stronger.
Our Mission:  To develop and Maintain a healthier life style, lose weight (10 lbs), and be more physically active.
1.  Start eating better.  Do more fat free and less processed food cooking at home (or in the RV). We will do this together and hold one another in account. We are doing this to set the tone for healthy habits and lose weight.
We will start now and evaluate how we are doing weekly.  We want to see this as a solid habit by March.
2.  Exercise.  Exercise needs to be a habit also.  To make sure we accomplish this as a habit we are going to add additional exercise elements to our routines.
We will add biking.  Making sure that we take our bikes with us on camping outings.  When at home we will work in biking at least once a week (weather permitting).  When the weather is not in our favor we will do sit ups and squats those days we would be biking.  As we are coming into the worst of the winter months in Oregon, we will double up on the sit ups and squats and reevaluate in February.
3.  Gym Time!  We will be in the gym daily.  Weekends will be our rest days.  Every day we will wake up and go to the gym (continuing the routine we have established since November).  Teresa will maintain her work out routine and I will stay the course on the weight loss running program I am on. Using the Running for Weight Loss App.  This app is available in the Google Play Store also.  So far I really like it which will make it easier to keep as a habit.  I am trying to lose 10 lbs by March.  I will use the app to track that progress and stay on task.
4.  Drink water.  This will be a tough one.  But water will become my go to beverage.  I need to drink more water.  To do this I will start taking a 1 liter water bottle with me all the time.  This will serve both as a reminder to drink water and have water available all the time.
5.  Complete a 5 K run.  Not for time of competition, but just do it.  There is one scheduled on February 2nd.  I would like to be able to do that event.  Once that is complete, I would like to do more.  I will reevaluate that one after February.

Well that is the first set of goals and the BIG 5 List for this week!
What are your goals or if you must “resolutions” for 2019?

Merry Christmas

TZ1zgvGYQOOmuRqrZwr4yAFrom our Happy Place to Yours we wish you the most Happy Christmas!  This year has brought us lots of Joy and Happiness as we have been on our Journey to Discover a Happier life.  We are truly blessed and have a wonderful life… there can always be more though.  We look forward to the New Year and all it will bring.  Happiness, Challenges, a New Grand Baby!
This Christmas we hold our Family close and are reminded of those things that are the most important to us.
Find your Happy Place this coming Year!  And join us in our Journey to a Happy Life!
Jerry and Teresa

Monday morning.. at least it’s not Sunday

fire71The old stand by of hating Monday’s has been eclipsed for our family as we look to a brighter, yet rainy day here in the Pacific Northwest.  You see, at least it’s not Sunday.
Yesterday our oldest Son had a house fire.
They bought this house earlier this year and were in the process of preparing the bedroom for our first Grandchild.  The house was starting to take shape and then in a flash, a road block is thrown at them.  We are not sure what caused the fire, the fire inspector deemed the fire cause as “unknown”, but we know it started in the kitchen.
The kitchen sustained all the fire damage and the rest of the house has been damaged by heat and smoke.  So all in all.. it could have been worse.  No structural damage or large damage areas, and most of all everyone is safe and ok.
Earlier on Sunday, the kids all came over to our house.  Our three kids and our daughter in law were going to spend the day together Christmas shopping.  They gathered at our house and were readying themselves to head out when our Son’s phone rang.  It was my mom.  My parents live a block away from the kids house.  She told John that his house was on fire.  We sprang up and all of us headed to their house.  As luck would have it they only live about 8 minutes from us.
When we arrived there were 5 Fire Trucks and what looked like a three dozen firemen. They had hoses everywhere and it looked like they were about to cut open the roof.  I ran as fast I could to get to the house, John and Bri have two big dogs and we were praying that they got out of the burning house.  As I came around the corner two firemen and my Dad were with the dogs.  They had them on respirators, but they looked otherwise in good shape.  The kids arrived shortly after I did and were met by the Battalion Chief.  He was very reassuring and kept giving us updates as reports from inside of the house were coming out.
Finally the hoses began to be rolled and stowed back on the trucks and the firemen began to get out of their fire fighting gear.  The Inspector showed up and began the task of figuring out the cause and putting together his report.  The Chief kept us informed and notified us that the damage, all things considered were pretty light.  We got to go into the house at that time.  Of course it looked awful.   Black walls and alarms still going off, it looked like something out of a movie.  Then we went into the kitchen.  Everything was melted, charred, or otherwise damaged.  But again, the damage was contained to the kitchen by and large.  The soot and heat damage looks a lot worse than it is.  The say they dodged a bullet is an understatement.
We spent the rest of the day with the fire department, insurance company, and securing the house.  Not the way you want to spend a Sunday.
I was shocked to see the Christmas Tree still standing and in tact.  Ornaments covered in soot, but it did not burn.  That was our first real sign that it could have been a whole lot worse.
The Good News.  It’s just stuff.  I guess we get pretty wrapped up in our stuff. But when something like this happens you count the blessings of what is really important.  No one is hurt, the dogs are ok and the stuff can be fixed, cleaned or replaced,
The RV.  Our Happy Place sits beside our house.  It is at its home base here and we keep it plugged in.  So there is an immediate place for the kids and their dogs to stay while we go through this process.  A comfortable bed and privacy.  Heat and a warm meal.  At the end of the day that was most important.  I was happy that we have the ability to help them this way and life can go as uninterrupted as we can make it.
What a Sunday.. for a change we were happy to see Monday come.
Today.. we head over to see the damage and meet with the Clean up and Restoration people.  With any luck the time line to recover won’t be to long.  While the kids have a place to stay, a family to support them, and won’t miss a meal, getting back to “Normal” will be nice.
I have a feeling that you will be getting some updates on this as we move forward.
Thanks for letting me share.


Wellness Wednesday

Happiness1This morning while I was on my run at the gym I thought about where we are on our journey to Happiness.
Wellness Wednesday will not be a regular posting, but today I thought it important to share a few thoughts.
First of all, what is wellness.  I believe that wellness is one of those “to each his own” things.  Now we can all agree that it has to do with health.. but what makes you well?
I am sure that when we talk about wellness we immediately think of our health, so lets look at it in those terms.. health.. as it relates to our happiness.
Our physical health is very important.  And when I say our I am speaking of not only Teresa and I, but you all too.  This may apply to you and your situation.
So our physical health is very important to us.  We are not super health nuts, we try to eat healthy and are getting into the work outs.  We are three weeks into the gym routine and am really starting to enjoy my time getting healthy.  We both have noticed changes in our selves.  Weight loss, toning, and a general feeling of energy and fitness.
We feel this is important so we live longer and can maintain an active life style.  Looking at family history I think it is important for me to be healthy for a longer life.  My parents are still here and we enjoy the fact that they have been able to watch their grandchildren grow into adults.  They also are going to see a great-grandchild, something that their parents never got to see, nor did their grandparents.  We live in a different time where we have more information and more opportunity to be and stay healthy.  I want to be there to see my grandchildren become adults and perhaps see great-grandchildren.  So we need to stay physically healthy.
Financial Health is an important part of our lives also.  When we are financially healthy we have less stress, we have the ability to do as we want and see our plans become reality.  I retired last month from my career.  The reason I was able to retire was because we put ourselves in a position to be financially healthy.  We will never be millionaires and I doubt we will hit the lottery, but we will be comfortable for the rest of our lives.  I attribute this to forward thinking.  I am no genius and certainly not a financial guru, but decisions we made early in our career, namely to stay in it for 30 years, led to the point where we could retire and spend time living.
Happiness is a big component in our health and wellness.  We strive for happiness in our lives.  I heard once that happy people live longer and make those around them happy.  I also believe that happiness is up to you.  We live in a world that dictates struggle and strife.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  Happiness is up to us.. we make it.  We take all of those things that contribute to happiness and make them happen.
Our RV has become a major part in that and to a certain degree, it has become the center piece of how we plan around our wellness.  We have made it a part of what we want out of our lives, who we want to be with, and how we want that manifest within our lives.
The Happy Place (our RV) is our escape, our community, and a focus point to move forward in our lives.
It is family, friends, and a wonderful place where all of our health comes together.
So wellness is important.  It is mental, physical, financial, and spiritual. We find ourselves better for focusing on all areas of our health and wellness.
I feel for those that struggle with their wellness.  It really is up to you to find your Happy Place.
We have found the road to ours.
Thanks for paying us a visit.  This blog is a part of that wellness plan.  It keeps us accountable because it is out there for all to see.
Thanks again!
A happy life starts with a happy Place!

Getting with the Program

This weekend while we were out at Detroit lake we talked about our purpose in doing this blog and videos.  Namely it is a way that we can hold ourselves accountable to this new life style and our mission of having a happy life.
Two weeks ago I retired from a 30 year career.  My job kept me active and while not in great shape, it did keep me moving.  I have noticed over the last couple of years that while I am healthy, I am gaining weight and the body is hurting more and more… yeah.. it sucks getting older, but I am no quitter… 
I figure there has to be something we can do about mitigating the effects of aging, or at least age gracefully.  In short… we need to get in and stay in shape and stay healthy… we need to Get with the Program.
For 21 years I was held in account from the Army.  The annual physical fitness test motivated me to stay in shape.  Working for UPS kept me moving daily and so I never really worried about getting too heavy or out of shape.  I set a goal before I retired to go to the gym every day and begin a workout routine that will get me in and keep me in shape.
Today marks 7 days since that goal kicked off… and of course we had to throw Thanksgiving into the mix.  It took a lot to get into the gym Friday morning after Turkey day, but we did it.  What I know for sure is that letting it slide is an easy habit to slide into.  Being motivated to go takes a lot more will power and as we used to say intestinal fortitude.
In 7 days, Teresa and I have missed just 1 day during the week and made it a point to walk while we were camping at the lake.
So our mission of a Happy Life has to have a component of health and fitness.  We want to have this happy life for a long time!
Teresa and I are in the same boat.  We both could shed some weight and be in better shape.  So we are doing this together.  Another part of the Happiness journey.
So what’s this really got to do with our Happy Place.  Everything!  Without one we can’t really do the other… for long.
In about 5 weeks we are going to become Grandparents for the first time, yet another chapter in our journey.  We owe it to our kids and our Grandkid to be healthy and fit so we can be here and enjoy them longer all the while hooking up and taking the Happy Place on the Road!
So we stay motivated and hold ourselves accountable by sharing our story with you.
Thanks for being apart of our journey.  Whether we have 2 followers or a million, just being out there keeps us motivated to have a Happy Life.  Besides it’s starting to get fun building the community and getting feedback.  By the way, you can always do that here in the comments section or drop us an email.  We’d love to know what you think.