Meat and Green – Wellness Wednesday

TreadmillEMFads and Diets come and go.. We have never really been able to stick to them, mainly because we do not see them as sustainable, or the food tastes like card board, or yeah… I’ll say it.. we lack the discipline to follow through with it.
Since November we have been on a quest to get a little healthier, loose some weight and in general get fit.  It’s been a struggle for me, Teresa has been doing a great job.  She found a program for her that is working and is super motivated to shed the weight.  While I am motivated, getting the weight off has been a struggle.  I tried a running app on my phone.  It was extremely hard for me to keep up with, and while I liked the program, it was too hard and I could not get the momentum to maintain the pace.  I am the kind of guy that likes to see results, even if they are small gains, it is tough for me to fight loosing battles.  The running app became a loosing battle for me and I lost motivation.  Teresa on the other hand has been steadily on a walking routine.  So I decided that if it is working for her it could work for me.  We go to the gym every day together and so joining her walking regimen seemed like a good fit.  I started two weeks ago doing her program and getting on board with her eating habits.
Going with the Meat and Green diet seems to be making strides.  2 pounds down and it is food worth eating and an exercise program that I can keep up with.
The brisk walking pace, cutting out a bunch of sugary junk, and going easy in the “extras” the results are looking good… so far.
I have told myself that this is it…. I have to stay the course and maintain motivation.  If I do, I will see the reduction in weight and get fit to meet my goals!
Fads and Diets may come and go.. but what is important to me getting healthier.  If it’s important it moves up on the must do ladder… And I’m climbing it!
Have a Happy Day!

Monday’s Motivation

20-new-year-resolutions-list-2019-619x330Ok then.. you made all those resolutions and are motivated to make 2019 the “Best Year Ever”.  It is the 7th of January… how’s it going? One week into the New Year and I just came home from the gym.  Yep you guest it.  At least a third  less people that started a week ago.  Now I’m not judging here, just saying that if you really want something… DON’T GIVE UP!
You need to set the goal and go get it!  We talked about goal setting in another post and how it can help you find success.  That success leads to more and more success and soon it becomes easier to set and keep goals.  I think that too many people give up because they don’t get immediate results.  I sure worked that way.. but reality is what it is.  If I could write a goal to lose 10 pounds and POOF! It happened tomorrow I would be a happy camper.  But the fact is that it takes work, time, and energy, and most of all WILL.
You need to will to cross the finish line.  Today was hard at the gym.  I felt the affect of skipping two days (had to be there for my Grandson to be born).  The holiday meals and treats caught up and the alarm clock went off way to early.  But it’s the 7th of January and I had to make a choice.  I had to get up, put on the gym clothes and get in the gym.  I had to do the work so that tomorrow will be easier to get up and get the work in.  And so it goes.  That journey starts with a single step, but put a handful of steps together and you gain momentum that will lead you to accomplishing your goals!
So don’t give up.. especially on yourself.
So there is you Motivation for Monday.
Find yourself a reason.. find the will.. and GO FOR IT!

The BIG 5 List -Healthy New Year!

healthyI am not a big believer in “New Years Resolutions”.  Time and time again resolutions last about as long as it takes to make them and while it is a great intention, in the end there is no results that come with the resolution.
Setting goals for the new year however, if done correctly will produce results.  In an earlier post I talked about goal setting and how it can give you the results you are looking for.  And so it is that time of the year that we look to the new year and set new goals.  In Scouting Wood Badge terms, we “Write our ticket” for the new year and know that we will get the results that we want.
So for 2019 we are setting goals to be more healthy.  Yeah, there will be other goals, but we think that our health drives much of how the rest of our lives will go.
Being healthier will make us happier, it will allow us to be more active, it will make us feel better, it will reduce our doctor visits, it will save us money in the long run, and it will give Teresa and I some together goals that will make us stronger.
Our Mission:  To develop and Maintain a healthier life style, lose weight (10 lbs), and be more physically active.
1.  Start eating better.  Do more fat free and less processed food cooking at home (or in the RV). We will do this together and hold one another in account. We are doing this to set the tone for healthy habits and lose weight.
We will start now and evaluate how we are doing weekly.  We want to see this as a solid habit by March.
2.  Exercise.  Exercise needs to be a habit also.  To make sure we accomplish this as a habit we are going to add additional exercise elements to our routines.
We will add biking.  Making sure that we take our bikes with us on camping outings.  When at home we will work in biking at least once a week (weather permitting).  When the weather is not in our favor we will do sit ups and squats those days we would be biking.  As we are coming into the worst of the winter months in Oregon, we will double up on the sit ups and squats and reevaluate in February.
3.  Gym Time!  We will be in the gym daily.  Weekends will be our rest days.  Every day we will wake up and go to the gym (continuing the routine we have established since November).  Teresa will maintain her work out routine and I will stay the course on the weight loss running program I am on. Using the Running for Weight Loss App.  This app is available in the Google Play Store also.  So far I really like it which will make it easier to keep as a habit.  I am trying to lose 10 lbs by March.  I will use the app to track that progress and stay on task.
4.  Drink water.  This will be a tough one.  But water will become my go to beverage.  I need to drink more water.  To do this I will start taking a 1 liter water bottle with me all the time.  This will serve both as a reminder to drink water and have water available all the time.
5.  Complete a 5 K run.  Not for time of competition, but just do it.  There is one scheduled on February 2nd.  I would like to be able to do that event.  Once that is complete, I would like to do more.  I will reevaluate that one after February.

Well that is the first set of goals and the BIG 5 List for this week!
What are your goals or if you must “resolutions” for 2019?

House Update- Just Stuff

epy4IY9qSVuMXq0VXVYl+QWell we are 4 days from our Sons house burning.. as expected, it has been consuming our lives since the Fire Department left.  I promise that this blog is not going to be about my sons house.. but until we get this situation to the recovery and cleaning phase it will be at the forefront.  The good news is the process will start on the 26th of December. Paper work goes in today and the insurance is all over it.
The point of this post is this.  It’s just stuff.
Just Stuff and as we enter the last weekend before Christmas it is important to remember that it is all stuff.  We value our stuff and sometimes let our stuff get the best of us.  As we walked through their house yesterday with the contractor that is going to get to the task of getting their lives back to normal we came to realize that with a few exceptions nothing in the house was that important.  The contractor asked what needed to be replaced immediately… besides the house itself…  There was nothing that was asked for.  There was not one item in the house that they could not live without.  That got me thinking.  A computer?  Clothing?  Furniture?  Besides personal items like pictures, everything can and will be replaced.  It is all just stuff.
rbiCzasUTNy3wBzXRfQ%OQI think that is one of the reason I love the RV so much.  There is not that much stuff.  We keep it simple and we make due with the things that we have.
The kids are not homeless, they are just displaced right now.  They still have a roof over their head as they are in our travel trailer… but they have heat, water, and the family right next door.  The stuff is going to be replaced.
We can be upset and feel some sorrow for the loss of the stuff, but at the end of the day they have to look ahead to what will be better.  New stuff.
The timing of this is awful that is for sure.  But nothing important was lost.  Christmas is still going to happen and in a couple of months they will move back into a remodeled home.
It could all be worse so we count our blessings.
Think about how you live and all the stuff.  What is important to you?  This ordeal has put things in perspective for us.
Have a Happy Holiday Season!
This has added to our appreciation of the Happy Place and the Happiness we find in our lives.


Getting with the Program

This weekend while we were out at Detroit lake we talked about our purpose in doing this blog and videos.  Namely it is a way that we can hold ourselves accountable to this new life style and our mission of having a happy life.
Two weeks ago I retired from a 30 year career.  My job kept me active and while not in great shape, it did keep me moving.  I have noticed over the last couple of years that while I am healthy, I am gaining weight and the body is hurting more and more… yeah.. it sucks getting older, but I am no quitter… 
I figure there has to be something we can do about mitigating the effects of aging, or at least age gracefully.  In short… we need to get in and stay in shape and stay healthy… we need to Get with the Program.
For 21 years I was held in account from the Army.  The annual physical fitness test motivated me to stay in shape.  Working for UPS kept me moving daily and so I never really worried about getting too heavy or out of shape.  I set a goal before I retired to go to the gym every day and begin a workout routine that will get me in and keep me in shape.
Today marks 7 days since that goal kicked off… and of course we had to throw Thanksgiving into the mix.  It took a lot to get into the gym Friday morning after Turkey day, but we did it.  What I know for sure is that letting it slide is an easy habit to slide into.  Being motivated to go takes a lot more will power and as we used to say intestinal fortitude.
In 7 days, Teresa and I have missed just 1 day during the week and made it a point to walk while we were camping at the lake.
So our mission of a Happy Life has to have a component of health and fitness.  We want to have this happy life for a long time!
Teresa and I are in the same boat.  We both could shed some weight and be in better shape.  So we are doing this together.  Another part of the Happiness journey.
So what’s this really got to do with our Happy Place.  Everything!  Without one we can’t really do the other… for long.
In about 5 weeks we are going to become Grandparents for the first time, yet another chapter in our journey.  We owe it to our kids and our Grandkid to be healthy and fit so we can be here and enjoy them longer all the while hooking up and taking the Happy Place on the Road!
So we stay motivated and hold ourselves accountable by sharing our story with you.
Thanks for being apart of our journey.  Whether we have 2 followers or a million, just being out there keeps us motivated to have a Happy Life.  Besides it’s starting to get fun building the community and getting feedback.  By the way, you can always do that here in the comments section or drop us an email.  We’d love to know what you think.