Motivation Monday!

Ok.. so I totally took this idea from a blog that I follow called Welcome to our Campfire. Every Monday morning I sit and read some of my favorite blogs, catch up on some news and get ready for my week.
Since retirement I find that goal setting and staying motivated is a priority for me.  I have always been a motivated guy, but a new sense of purpose keeps me motivated.
This last weekend I re certified my Wilderness First Aid by taking the 16 hour course again, my third time.  I find that rather than just taking the test to re certify, I like to take the whole class again, I always learn something new.
And that is the Motivation for this Monday.. Never stop learning!  Be a life long learner. There is always something to learn.  I am no Einstein.. but he said it best.. “Once you stop learning, you start dying.”  I for one.. am not ready to die.
Have a Great Monday.. and week!