Cabinet Support Install

Today we spent some time out in the Happy Place doing a little upgrade.  I found a solution to a problem that most people with over head cabinets have.. not enough hands.
For two years now we have been talking about installing cabinet supports, I finally found them at a local RV shop.  The RV Designs H277 Cabinet supports are the answer to the problem.  Easy to install and they work like a charm.
While I was out in the trailer, I also got a few other odds and ends done.  There seems to be a never ending desire to make the Happy Place … Happier.  It is fun to get in there and tinker around.  There is something special about our RV.  Because it brings us so much joy it is fun to spend time upgrading and doing those little things that make it that much better.
What are some of the upgrades You have done to your RV?  Big or small, share with us you favorite upgrade.
Thanks for checking our the blog.