The Journey

We just put a video up to talk about our journey.  We are looking at establishing direction with the YouTube Channel and as we study and learn what it takes to produce content for the channel we also are trying to refine our audience.  We don’t know what that looks like yet.  While one of our goals is to share our journey with everyone, we also want to maintain focus on the RV community and helping new RVers discover the joy that it brings.  It is our Happy Place!
So if you have not checked it out yet.. please consider it.  Subscriptions are totally Free!
Thanks for coming along the journey with us!

A Story to tell

16722865_10210896369138704_8453717804084474142_oWe all have a story.  It may not seem interesting or spectacular, in fact to you it may seem very ordinary.  For most of us we try to have as normal or ordinary life as we can, but still with that there is a story.
The story of your family, your friends, significant events in our lives all shape the story of our lives.  When I was young (as many of you) there was no such thing as an internet. You learned about someones story when they wrote a book or you saw a documentary or TV special about them.  Now we have blogs, Youtube channels, and anyone can Google your name and learn a bit about you and your story.  It seems that more and more people want to share their story with the world.  This is something that takes getting used to, especially for folks of my parents generation.  Us 50 somethings seem to be adjusting to this new found world of story telling.  I follow some blogs and YouTube channels of folks my age that are sharing their stories.  At first it was a bit strange that my generation was into this.  For about 7 years I had a blog that was specific to Scouting.  I have since taken it down for various reasons, namely I found it hard to respond to negative comments and online bashing.  Not to say I have a thin skin, rather, I have a low tolerance of stupid and wasting my time.  And so I shut it down to allow a bit of sanity to come back to my online experience.  So I can see why “Older” folks tend to maybe shy away from putting their stories out there.
With this blog, Teresa and I are willing to share our journey with the hope that a path to happiness will create that in others.  We want to share our experiences and the story that comes along with creating a happy life.
Look around, there is so much negativity and division in our world, telling our stories about the journey to a happier life may just change some of that.
I find great joy in watching other families share their stories.  They tend to keep it positive and it restores some hope that there are communities out there that seek a better life.  It is fun to watch as these amateur story tellers are refining “Movie making” and story telling.  It is great to watch and learn from them and yep.. copy their styles.
I initially got the idea to talk with Teresa about sharing our story from watching Mark and Trish from the Keep Your DayDream blog and YouTube channel.  They took us on some epic journeys in the last couple years and inspire a better style of living for what is most important.  And then there is RVDaydream, just a couple empty nesters that have made a decision to live simple, travel, and share their adventure with us.  I think that I really relate to this couple.  They are our age, common interests, and have an honest, non polished approach to their story telling.
Our story is a simple one.  We are at that age when life is good.  I have recently retired, Teresa has a flexible job, the kids are all grown, and we are now Grandparents.  We are simplifying our lives and focusing on what is most important to us.  Fun, Travel, and Adventure are a part of our lives because we can and want to.  And we want to share that story.  It may not be refined or polished, but it is ours and ours to share.
We hope that you find something in our story that will inspire you to share yours.  We hope that you share it and be apart of this growing community… event those of us on the edge of learning new technology and ways to tell and share our stories.
YouTube Channels that I subscribe to:
Less Junk, More Journey
Keep Your Day Dream
Long Long Honeymoon
You, Me, & The RV
I Love RV Life
Less House More Living
I’m Not Lost, I’m RVing
Most of these Youtube channels also have accompanying blogs and websites.  I encourage you to check them out and give them a like and subscribe to their channels. They put a bunch of work into their videos and sites.  And I get a lot out of their channels, you may also find some value in paying them a visit.
Let me know what you think.  Are you sharing your story?  Leave a comment and if you would..share our story with your friends.
Thanks for coming along!

Magma 7 Piece Cook Set

71PARBWrDLL._SL1500_We are always looking for ways to improve our camping experience, messing around with where we store things, what works best for how we use things.  As with any RV, the kitchen space is always tight and cabinet space is a premium.  We have been looking for some time at the Magma stackable cook sets and Santa was kind this year and added the 7 piece stackable set to the gifts under the tree.
The Magma set is constructed using 18-10 Stainless Steel and each pot/pan includes a sealed triple clad bottom (stainless steel, aluminum, stainless steel) and are milled perfectly flat for superb even heat distribution on gas, electric, or ceramic cook tops.  The whole set nests together and stores in less than 1/2 cubic foot of space.
The 7 piece set consists of a 5 quart stock pot, a 9.5 inch sauté pan, and a 2 quart sauce pan.  It has two lids that fit on the both the pots and pans and includes a removable handle that fits on all of the cookware.
The Magma cookware is dishwasher and oven safe, but what we like the most is the fact that is very compact for what it is and takes up very little room in the cabinet compared to the pots and pans that we have been using.
The set is very heavy.  But should not put you over your towing limit.  It feels good to handle these pots and pans as they feel bomb proof.
We wanted cookware that will last, work well, and fit in the trailer better than the mess that we had in the cabinets.
You are going to pay a little more for this cookware, but the price point is well worth the quality of the product.  We bought ours off Amazon and paid $128 for the set.  This should be the last set we need to buy for a very long time.
I highly recommend the Magma Cookware and look forward to using them on our journey.
If you use them, what do you think?  They came highly recommended to us, so we thought about giving them a try.
Thanks for hanging our with us on the blog.  Check out our Youtube Channel for this and more videos (more and more coming).
Thanks again.. if you like what we are doing here.. .please share with a friend.. or heck, maybe even someone you don’t like.
Have a Happy Day!

10 Questions??

OK.. so after the last post about my Son’s house catching fire.. I thought I would lighten it up a bit.  In my morning routine of reading through the blogs I follow I found a blog asking 10 questions.  Well I figured I’d share my answers.. Enjoy!

1.You can only watch one television show again for the rest of your life…what do you pick and why?
Gunsmoke_thumbGunsmoke.  I love the old westerns and as cheesy as they seem these days there is always something redeeming about the guy in the white hat saving the day or making it all right.
The other reason is that many young actors got their start on shows like Gunsmoke, its fun to see them at the start of their careers.

2.They are making a movie of your life and you get to add one fictional event…what do you add and why?
I think for a good action sequence in the movie of my life I would like to be in a X wing star fighter taking out the newly rebuilt death star.  Then once I am given the high five for being the best fighter pilot in the star system, I become a Jedi.

3.What is your favorite movie in the following genres: comedy, children’s, and Hallmark (yes, that seems to be its own genre now)?
Comedy? Blazing Saddles
Childrens? Toy Story.. or anything from Pixar
Hallmark? Whatever my wife is watching.. ya know.. happy wife.. happy life.

4.What are your top three classic television shows?
Gunsmoke, Andy Griffith, and M*A*S*H

5.What television show deserves a come back?
MV5BMzEzOGJhZGEtODA0Zi00NTZiLTkwYjgtNmVmZjk4MjBjNjdiXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNzY5MTE3OTQ@._V1_UY268_CR0,0,182,268_AL_Happy Days…  “Sit on it Potsy!”

6.What is your favorite game show?
Family Feud

7.You get picked to create a television show…what is it going to be about?
The misadventures of a Family in an RV trying to visit all of the National Parks and landmarks.

8.What is your favorite Christmas tv episode?
The Office “Dwight Christmas” (December 6, 2012)

9.Scrooged, Scrooge, or A Christmas Carol?
A Christmas Carol

10.What is your favorite movie soundtrack
Sound of Music

Originally read on Teresa’s blog over at The Haunted Wordsmith,  But I picked it up at a blog that I follow Welcome to Our Campfire (Coles’s Campfire). I enjoyed reading the answers of the other blogs, and as Lana said.. “I have been tagged”… so I suppose you are tagged too… what do you think.. share your answers, either on your blog or in the comments section.  Have some fun with it… after all I think I am the Fonz in outer space!

Picture Credits:
Happy Days- IMDB
Gunsmoke- Fandom site

Blogging, Vlogging, Connecting

So this adventure of finding our Happy Place reached new levels with us.  Not only do we want to have that drive to get out in the RV and discover our Happy Place.. but we want to share that with you.
The Blog.  This is our platform for sharing.  I blogged for about 7 years in the past.  It was a Blog that was all about Scouting (Boy Scouts).  It had a pretty good audience and I was super happy with the community that it built.  We even had a meet up at the National Jamboree in 2010.  It was Fantastic.  The Scouting blog ran its course and due to the nature of being “out there” it got ugly a few years ago, you know.. folks that don’t necessarily agree wanting to troll until it was no longer fun.
I shut down that blog and settled into just being a regular Scout guy.  Well then we got the RV and after a little while discovered that this was the journey we wanted to get on.  I still do Scouting and am really active, but the RV is all about Us.. Teresa and me.  It’s our journey and we are happy.. so happy that we decided to share!
The Vlog.  Our YouTune Channel is evolving.  I have had the channel for years and it has been a catch all for my videos.  For awhile it was very Scoutcentric… after all that was the focus of my old blog.  Then we got into the RV.. and started to video our adventures.
I have been retooling the channel and now it is focused on this and we want to share it with you.
The Vlog or videos are a companion to the Blog.  I am not sure that it will ever stand alone, after all this whole journey is about the story… our Story.
We want to thank you again for coming along for our discovery of the Happy Place.  We all have one, it’s just a matter of finding it.
If I can ask.. maybe even beg… Please Like our Blog posts and Subscribe to get the blog via email.  Check out our Youtube Channel and Like and Subscribe there too.. it builds community and lets us know who is along for the journey!
Thanks a Million!

The BIG 5 List- Favorite RV Blogs

12792175_10205734933827849_3759918189896802780_oIn this weeks Big List we visit the top five RV blogs that I like to read and visit frequently.
Number 1 is a blog that I became aware of because of this families epic RV trips on Youtube. Marc and Tricia and the kids have been around the country, to Mexico, and in the last “season” went to Alaska and back.  I love being along on their journey and learn a lot about tips, tricks, tools, and of course places to go in the RV.
I found this blog via their companion podcast.  This couple and their kids put out some really great content.  I have been following them for some time now and learn some great tips on the RV life from Stephanie and Jeremy as they tackle adventures and build their RV community.
RV Education 101.
This site caught my eye when we first started getting into RVing.  Mark Polk is the host of some great content on this site and I for one have learned a bunch about the basics of having an RV and tips for enjoying the life style.
Live, Laugh, RV.
Here is another blog that is up our ally.  Another couple that is exploring the next chapter of their lives.  If you like trip reports and great photography this is a great site for you.  These folks have taken to the RV and seem to have found their Happy Place.
Long Long Honeymoon.
This is another blog that we found because their super informative videos on Youtube.  Kristy and Sean have a nice camera presence and keep it entertaining as well as provide good content.  While we are not Airstream folks, it is fun to watch as they travel and share their RV experiences.  They are not afraid to be transparent… everything is not always peaches and cream and they show it… as well as what they did to get out of a jam or fix a situation.

Hope you pay these folks a visit.  I know that I am entertained, educated, and made to feel apart of their communities.
That’s the BIG 5 list for this week!  Thanks for visiting!