Who am I and Why am I here?

Nope, not getting into a huge philosophical discussion as to why I am on the planet and how I got here.. nope just want to share a bit about who we are and why we blogging. So jumping right in, allow me to introduce us.  We are Jerry and Teresa, truth be told Jerry will be doing most if not all of the blogging, but we are in this together. We are an active couple, pseudo empty nesters that has finally achieved some life goals and are now in a position to explore. We like most parents spent the better part of our last 20 years raising kids.  We have three.  They are all grown and well into their 20’s now and so are kicking off their adult lives.  This leaves us to… well… us. In 2016 we made a decision to purchase an RV.  We selected a Travel Trailer as it met our needs, space, and of course financial situation.  It was a decision that changed our lives. We have always been an “out doorsy” family.  We camped a lot as the kids were growing and went through all of the gear.  Big tents, small tents, backpacks and chuck boxes.  Camping was just a part of what we did.  And so it was a camping weekend much like the rest, September of 2015 we were camping on the Oregon Coast.  The forecast called for high winds and lots of clouds.  Typical for the coast.  Friday afternoon we got the tent up and got settled into camp.  By that evening the winds started to blow and blow it did.  The next morning, winds were gusting to 70 miles per hour.  Trees were snapping and our fun meter had been pegged. We retreated to my parents 17 foot travel trailer and made the decision to pack up and go home.  All the way we talked about getting an RV and changing our camping style. In November of that year we went to the big RV show in Portland and settled on the Keystone Passport that we ended up purchasing in February of 2016. This year I hit my 30th year working for UPS.  We have been discussing the idea of retirement and finally crunched the numbers and decided to go ahead and explore the world of retirement.  Over the past five years we have been working towards having the life that we want.  We determined that Happiness was the key.  Happiness is different for everyone and it never looks the same from one family to the next. Our kids are grown, one is married and is expecting their first baby.. yes.. the world of Grand parenting is about 6 weeks away! We are happy with our children and who they have become.  We have a house, cars, some money, and are healthy.  We have amazing friends and a great family.  Teresa and I and the kind of people that feel blessed by what we have and do not make it a point to keep up with the “Jones’s”. We are happy with what we have and know that because of how we lived and live we can be happy for life. This month I retired.  And that brings us to why we are blogging. As stated we have absolutely fallen in love with our RV.  In the 34 months that we have owned our Passport we have been out 42 times.  We have gone a few extended trips, but mostly weekend outings.  With retirement now here, time is something that we have that will allow us to take longer trips, both in distance and duration.  We started planning for next summer.  A 3 week trip that will take us out to Kansas City and back to Oregon.  As the excitement has grown about this we had the idea to share our journey.  Over the past year we have been following other RV travel blogs and videos on YouTube.   They have inspired us to tell our story.  So in the day that I officially retired I opened my WordPress account and started the blog.  For about 10 years I used to have a Scouting blog, so the account was still open.  It felt good to get back on the key board and start writing again. So the blog was born to tell our story and share our experiences in the RV. It is our hope that you join us on our journey.  It is our hope that maybe, just maybe we can be an inspiration like those that have inspired us for you to get out more, share your story and be apart of our community. I have always been taught and believe that feedback is a gift.  Please feel free to shower us with the gift of feedback. A Happy Life starts with a Happy Place.. we found ours.