Product Review- Happy Camper Tank Treatment

We have been having a heck of a time keeping our Black Tank clean and the sensors from being covered giving us a bad reading. In short, we have been struggling with a weird smell and a tank that always reads full. I know for a fact that it is not full and we use all of the right chemicals that are supposed to clean the tank and reduce odors. We we finally found a solution, we think.
The product is called Happy Camper Tank Treatment.
Here is our latest video.. a review of this product… Let us know what you think.

Still here…

Sorry we have not been posting in awhile.. we are still here. Fact of the matter is we have been dumping a lot of time and energy into the Youtube Channel.

An unbelievable amount of research and production goes into having a channel. Not just the video, but learning how the analytics work and developing processes that apply best practices from other channels.
Anyway… we will get back to the blog as a companion to the Youtube channel.
If you have not checked it out yet.. please do. We post videos twice a week. Wednesdays around 4:30 PM and Sunday’s at 4:30 PM.
Here is our latest video.
Thanks for coming on our journey with us.

The Big Trip Wrap Up

We learned a lot spending 22 days in our RV. 14 States, 5000 miles, and a whole lot of fun.
This is our wrap up video of the big trip. If you missed the other videos in the “Big Trip Series”.. head on over to our YouTube Channel and give them a watch. While you are there.. consider subscribing to the channel.. its TOTALLY FREE! We have content out every week and I am sure there is something that you will like about our journey.
Thanks for coming along with us!