The Happy Place Diaries

A Happy Life starts with a Happy Place

Our RV story started in September of 2015.  We were camping on the Oregon Coast at a State Park when everything that could go wrong did go wrong.  Late on our first night in camp the wind began to blow and the rains came.  The weather service warned of 70 mph winds and it blew.  Trees stared to snap and we thought our tent was going to blow away. Teresa looked at me and said.. “This isn’t fun anymore”.  So we packed up and dodged trees on the way out of the park.  All the way home we talked about looking for an RV. November of the same year we went to the big RV show in Portland.  We found the travel trailer that we had to have and in February of 2016 we bought our RV.  It quickly became our Happy Place and since then we have been out in it every single month. So allow me to introduce us. I am Jerry and this is my wife Teresa.  We love to camp, hike, and be in the outdoors.  RV’ing has opened up our lifestyle in the outdoors and as we have gotten a bit older it has moved us from the tent to the wonderful world of “grown up camping”. Our rig is a 2016 Keystone Passport Ultra lite. It is the 2890RL Grand Touring model and we could not be happier with it. Yes, we have embraced the glamping world and there is no turning back. Our travel companions are Sadie and Chunk.  They love the trailer and relaxing in the Happy Place. So we started this blog to document our adventure and lives journey.  We will be posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.. and sometimes more when we get inspired. We will also be adding our videos to the blog from our Youtube channel.. when that makes sense.
Jerry and Teresa
Sadie and Chunk
Passport UL 2890 RL
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