Big Rocks

three-big-rocks-589x275Today I am sharing a video put out by “The Art of Manliness”.. a great website that focuses on doing the right stuff.
I am a trainer for the Boy Scouts and help teach a course called Wood Badge.  One of the lessons at Wood badge is learning to lead from the inside out.  That is to say that we have to be better at being our selves before we can be better at leading others.  One of the demonstrations that we use to illustrate that point is the concept of the Big Rocks.
I was bumping around the internet and found this video.  He does it pretty much as we do at Wood badge so I thought I’d share.
If you are not taking care of the Big Rocks in your life there will be no room for the little stuff.  You have 24 hours in every day.  Some of that time needs to be dedicated to recovery, eating, sleeping, and personal time.. so the time you have is fixed and many people feel that they can not fit everything in their lives.. it’s because they fail to prioritize and identify what is really important and put that stuff first.
Know your Big Rocks and put them first… you’d be surprised at how much time.. good time you have.

Thanks for coming around.  See ya next time.

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