Tweak in the schedule


First off I want to thank everyone that pays us a visit and subscribes to this blog.  While we may not know you, I am happy that you have made the choice to spend a few minutes of you day with us.  At the outset our goal has been to grow a community, no matter how large or small, we wanted to share our journey with you and along the way make friends and a contribution to those that love to RV, Camp, or just are looking for ways to increase the happiness in their lives.

This blog is a companion with our YouTube channel.  And to be honest, we have been putting more effort into it than the blog.  The YouTube Channel takes time in video, editing, and building the community on that platform.  More effort than the blog seems to take.  But we feel that we were a little to lofty in our goals to maintain both and do them both justice.
And so we are readjusting our schedule a little.  We have been posting on the blog three times a week.  The intent was to post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  We try to get our YouTube videos out weekly and have been struggling with consistency in that.  So we need to tweak the schedules a bit. This means that we are going to post to the blog every Wednesday and Friday.  Yeah, we are dropping the Monday content so we can get the video posted to YouTube every Tuesday.
This will be the schedule, but as content needs to be added we will on both platforms.  We will also be making an effort to increase out Instagram content which will mirror some of the content on the blog and Youtube, but will also have more fun stuff and pictures of our happy adventures.

Look for our readjusted schedule starting next week.
Thanks again for hanging with us on our journey!  We are having so much fun with this and over time we are sure to get better at it and provide added value to your online experience.
Have a Happy Day!

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