Pre Trip- Getting on the Road

instance-management-tool-checklistAs seen in our last post, we are fans of planning and creating lists.  When we get ready for an outing we have a set routine so we do not forget anything, and yes this is a great lessons learned thing.  We didn’t always have “the list” and yep.. forgot things and missed things.  In the end it always costs money.  Forgetting things results in those last minute trips to Walmart or an RV store at a remote location which will always cost you more.  Shopping at a camp store will too.  Not to say that the convenience of a camp store is not nice, but they do have you when you get to the check out as they are the only game in town.
So we created a list to help us get on the road.  It is a simple checklist that is unique to us and how we get started.  It always comes down to the little things with us so checking and double checking is the rule.
We start with the inside.
Clothing, Food, and making sure that every cabinet is closed and secured.
We check for obstructions to the slide out to make sure that when we get to our site we can open the slide out without any issues.  We know that things shift and move during travel, so making sure that nothing is going to fall in the way of the slide out is important.  It can be as simple as a Dog bone that can derail the slide.
We check the bathroom to make sure the shower door is closed and secure.  This can become a big problem if it breaks.
Then we secure any loose items in the galley and give the inside a once over before we go outside.
Outside (after we hook up) we do a walk around.
We make sure the slide out is all the way in.
We check the outside storage cabinets and ensure they are closed and locked.
We check to make sure all the windows are closed and secure.
We check the rear bumper to make sure the spare tire is secure and the hoses and covers are not loose.
We check the stairs to make sure they are secure and in place.
We make sure the doors are locked.
We check the awning to make sure it is fully retracted.
We look to see if anything is hanging or not in place.  A good visual inspection will let you know if anything looks out of place.
Check the tires, lug nuts and tire pressure.
Make sure chokes are pulled.
This brings us back to the front of the trailer.
We check the tongue lock.
Make sure all the pins are in place.
Make sure the sway control is set.
Check the safety chains and emergency brake cable.
Make sure propane is off and bottle are secure.
Check the cable for lights and brakes.
Propane tank cover on and top door secure.
A visual inspection of the lights to make sure running lights, turn signals, and brake lights are functioning properly.
Inside the truck we check dash to make sure trailer is hooked up and reading.
Test brake output on dash indicator.
Lights on.
Tow/Haul set.
A thumbs up from Teresa.. and we go.
This list does not change much.. we try to be consistent that way we tend not to forget anything. I am sure that the list could be longer and more detailed, but it does seem to work for us.
What do you use to get on the road, a list, an app, or just wing it?
Let us know.

Have a Happy Day!

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