Lessons learned… so far

Part of our trip this spring break is to test our video process.  We started the week by videoing everything on our Canon M50.  On day two we used nothing but GoPros.  And yesterday we filmed using our iPhones.
Lessons learned…. so far.
Doing the video with the M50 and GoPro is super easy to transfer on to the computer for editing.  Using the iPhone is a challenge when you do not have wifi and the personal hotspot is not enough to get the video from the phone to the Macbook.  I thought it may be easier, and maybe I am not doing it right… but to say the least, it is a process I need to work on.
The video quality of all three is amazing, I am pleasantly surprised by the video quality of the iPhone.. it really is fantastic.
bsbSo for today, we need to work on getting video from the phone to the computer.
Other things that we have tried is our new Solo Stove Bonfire.  Awesome is the word I would use to describe this wonderful piece of engineering.  We enjoyed some relaxing time around it yesterday evening.  A perfect addition to the glamping life in the RV.
Yesterday evening, since we had beautiful weather, we poured a nice glass of BSB and relaxed by the fire.  The dogs settled down and enjoyed the quiet evening and Teresa and loved spending this great time together.
This trip is much needed.  Just the two of us and the pups.  This is the happy life.
Thanks for coming along!

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