Practice for the BIG Trip!

We are spending the week at the Oregon Coast this week.  It’s spring break, and even though are kids are grown and gone Teresa still works at the school.. so we have the week off together.  We will be down here at the beach till Friday so we thought we would do some “practice” for the big trip we are doing in June.
And by practice I mean working out the cameras for our videos and keeping up with the blog.  We also got some new gear so we are giving that stuff a work out also.
IMG_0499We purchased a Solo Stove Bonfire.  It is an amazing piece of engineering.  You can learn more about it at their website.  We used it last night.. it totally changed our camp fire experience.
We are also working out the habit of using multiple cameras and making time for sitting down and posting to the blog.  Right now it is looking like the evening may be the best time to edit and upload.  Doing this in the morning while we are on the trip may not work out as we are planning on early departures to reach our next destinations in the late afternoon or early evenings.  But it takes time so this week is a great practice on establishing some routine.
So this week, along with getting some good relaxing in, we are practicing for our month long trip in June.  It is going to be fantastic!
If you want to follow along with us on the trip, we will be posting just about daily videos on our YouTube channel.  Please check it out.  If you subscribe and select the little bell icon, it will let you know when something new gets posted.
Thanks for coming along!
See ya in our Happy Place!

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