Road Trip – Play List

fullsizeoutput_358The sun is finally out and the buzz is all about getting outside, de winterizing the RV (if you do that) and the hitting the campground! But you can’t hit the road until the cooler is packed and the play list is loaded!  You have to have your tunes to get the camping started… right?
We have a very eclectic taste in our music, everything from Rock to Country… ahh sorry for those that like Hip Hop.. but that’s not part of our music taste.  But pretty much everything else is loaded and ready to play.
When we travel, we like to listen to local radio too.  It gives you a feel for the community, updates on traffic, and events that we want to check out.  But we all have those dead spots on the road.  Between the Portland Metro area and the Oregon Coast for example there is no radio so having a good play list ready to go helps pass time and keep you entertained along the way.
We like many use iTunes and have a subscription (not a paid endorsement).  We like it because there is everything there.  We download lots of music and a nice feature is you can download entire playlists that are full of hits.
We like to sing along, although neither one of us sing well.. we sing loud and have fun with it!  The pups even like a few songs and when they hear “Chicken Fried” they know it camping time!  It’s the song most likely to lead off the trip.
So what’s in your iTunes library?  What do you jam out to when you hit the road?
Here are a few of our favorites.
Kenny Chesney – Pretty much all of his stuff
The Zac Brown Band – We have a couple of their albums loaded.. yep starting with Chicken Fried.  And Toes is one of Teresa’s favs!Of course AC/DC, Journey, and George Straite make the Top 10.  Darius Rucker has made it into the list, since he left Hooty we actually like him.  No playlist would be complete without Chicago’s Best.  Rockin’ out to Boston is always there and then over to Oingo Boingo to keep us jammin’ on the road.  Hey I told you we listen to everything.  Country music is probably the most listened to though.. we do love our Alan Jackson and Billy Currington.
Ok.. I think you get the idea of what is on our playlist and downloads for great road trips.
So what is on your list?  What do you need to have playing for your perfect road trip.  Music is such a great part of our lives and yep.. keeps us happy!
Please share with us.. I may want to add some to our list..  And yes, the picture for this post is a screen shot of my iTunes.
Have a Happy Day!

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