Monday Motivation- Happiness

Today I am going to leave you with a short video.  Something that I stumbled in a few years ago that got me to thinking about this whole “Happiness” thing.  Again, we are happy folks and the reason we are happy is because we chose to be happy.  We make a choice every day to keep our priorities straight and live the life that we want, not the life that people want us to live.
There is no right answer to happiness, we all get to pick our road to it and define what the destination looks like.  We have ours, you will have yours.  The Journey is so much better when we are happy.
I know way to many people that worry about things they can’t control, stress over things that don’t matter, and get caught in a trap of despair because they don’t know how to be happy.  Happiness takes work sometimes, but when we stay the course and keep our eye on the journey we can make it happen.
We can care about the world we live in without letting that world dictate our happiness. Politics, Religion, and Money won’t matter in the end.  They are like the tides.. they come and go.. are good and bad… are influences in our lives but don’t have to drive our happiness.
We all have our passions, our cares, and our causes.  How you let them run your life is up to you.  I chose to be happy.  That is not burying our head in the sand.. ignorance is not bliss.  But what I have come to realize is that things come and go in cycles.  Things are not always as bad as they seem and sometimes we need to filter the BS from what we believe is real.  But in the end.. are you happy is the question you need and answer and you are the only one that can.
So here is a little video that may help you focus on your happiness.
Thanks for visiting our little site.

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