Planning the big trip

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First leg of the Big Trip!

We have been planning a big RV trip for this summer for some time and this past weekend the plan finally came together.
The plan was originally to go out to LeesSummit, MO to visit my wives sister and brother in law and return.  Then we decided that while we had to pass through some great country to get there, we would stop and see some sights.  So the plan started to take shape.
We will be departing the Monday after school lets out for the summer, Teresa is still working at the school so we can take off as soon as the last bell rings.  The trip will end in mid July.  This will be the longest trip we have ever taken together and the biggest trip in the RV.  It will take us 4682 miles round trip from Troutdale to Lees Summit, up to South Bend and over to Chicago then the trip West through South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington and then out to the Oregon Coast.
We have made all our reservations to camp along the way.  We were surprised to find just how inexpensive the trip is going to be.  As we looked into RV campgrounds along the way we wanted to make sure that we were staying in nice, safe, and around the path that we are heading.  Looking into the camping we used the Good Sam Club trip planning web site.  It is a great tool for planning your trip, unfortunately they are shutting it down in April.  The thing that we liked about the planner, and I am sure that there are others like it, is that you put in your destination and it shows you the route, gives campground suggestions, and allows you to filter to meet your needs.  What we found was that using the filters for campgrounds that have a good rating and met our needs of staying on route and around attractions that we wanted to see, the KOA camps kept moving to the Header-KOA-Logotop of the list.  So we purchased a KOA membership for the year.  It only cost $30 and we got one of our nights along the way free plus discounts at each site we are staying at. Over the past three years we have become masters of the discounts.  Using Military discounts where we can, Good Sam discounts, and other deals that we find, we have kept our camping costs as low as we can.  The KOA option may not be the best but looking at the web sites we concluded that they are all pretty well regulated and at least have a standard that has to be met to maintain the KOA franchises.  This means that for most of our one night stays we will be in campgrounds that are safe, clean, and offer the amenities that we need along the way.  Pretty much hook ups and a place to stay.  The cost was not bad either.  The most expensive night we have on the whole trip is only $56 a night.  Still cheaper than any hotel and I get to sleep in my own bed.
The second part of the plan is that we are going to do a daily VLog on our YouTube Channel of the Trip.  I am not certain as to the logistics and rhythm of a daily Vlog, editing, posting, etc.  But we thought it would be fun to share the journey.   The good, the bad, and the ugly of travel costs, places we stay and visit, and of course a month in the RV.  Stay tuned for that.
We look forward to hitting the Road on this great adventure.  June can’t come soon enough!

Have a Happy Day!

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