Meat and Green – Wellness Wednesday

TreadmillEMFads and Diets come and go.. We have never really been able to stick to them, mainly because we do not see them as sustainable, or the food tastes like card board, or yeah… I’ll say it.. we lack the discipline to follow through with it.
Since November we have been on a quest to get a little healthier, loose some weight and in general get fit.  It’s been a struggle for me, Teresa has been doing a great job.  She found a program for her that is working and is super motivated to shed the weight.  While I am motivated, getting the weight off has been a struggle.  I tried a running app on my phone.  It was extremely hard for me to keep up with, and while I liked the program, it was too hard and I could not get the momentum to maintain the pace.  I am the kind of guy that likes to see results, even if they are small gains, it is tough for me to fight loosing battles.  The running app became a loosing battle for me and I lost motivation.  Teresa on the other hand has been steadily on a walking routine.  So I decided that if it is working for her it could work for me.  We go to the gym every day together and so joining her walking regimen seemed like a good fit.  I started two weeks ago doing her program and getting on board with her eating habits.
Going with the Meat and Green diet seems to be making strides.  2 pounds down and it is food worth eating and an exercise program that I can keep up with.
The brisk walking pace, cutting out a bunch of sugary junk, and going easy in the “extras” the results are looking good… so far.
I have told myself that this is it…. I have to stay the course and maintain motivation.  If I do, I will see the reduction in weight and get fit to meet my goals!
Fads and Diets may come and go.. but what is important to me getting healthier.  If it’s important it moves up on the must do ladder… And I’m climbing it!
Have a Happy Day!

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