Is this thing on?

thingonWe teach in the Scouting Leadership Course Wood Badge that Feedback is a Gift.  Feedback is an important component in the Communication loop.  You know, you have the Sender, the Message, the Receiver, and then Feedback to the Sender knows that the message has been received.
When I was a Sergeant Major feedback was an important part of how I communicated.  There was an understanding that I was sending a message and a need to know that the message was received.. sometimes loud.. but always clear.
What I am finding in writing this blog is that there is not always a clear understanding of the receipt of the message.  The message is being sent, and we can see that other computers are seeing the message, but a blog is a discussion.  Our intent is to build community and without feedback, we can not effectively communicate.
I took an online class on blogging.  Part of the course was how you format your content. In that content they suggest that you create a call to action.  Ask a question or solicit comments.  This is supposed to drive feedback and spark discussion.
I wonder how that works.  I read many blogs and see that some get tons of comments, while others (like ours) receive very little or no comments at all.
I don’t know if this is an indication of good or bad communication, or a community that would just rather not.  I am sure that as the content grows and the community grows with it that at some point the gift of feedback will happen.  Until then.. we wonder…
Is this thing on?
Leave a comment and tell us whatever you want…

2 thoughts on “Is this thing on?

  1. Jerry, you can encourage feedback by asking questions like Is this thing on? Yes it’s on. People also tend to reply or comment when they feel passionate about the topic. Your videos tend to be informational leading to an acceptance of the topic and information. We liked the pot set you talked about and in fact ordered the set. We will comment we we get it and use it. We used the love and “hate” segment to help us confirm what we liked when we purchased our new RV. You are doing a great job you will get more comments as your audience grows. Keep up the good work and let’s go camping!


    • Thanks Steve.. you’ll love the pot set.. it’s super quality! Glad you got the new RV.
      We will get better at the videos and the blog.. takes time… just like to know if folks are really reading/watching helps with maintaining motivation to do it.
      Love the RV stuff and having a ton of fun with it.
      Thanks again


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