Shake, Rattle, and Roll

high-windThis last weekend there was a big Scouting event out at the Oregon Coast.  Specifically, the event is held annually at a National Guard Camp.  The Scouts like it as it provides some real nice facilities and barracks, which is really nice for an event in January at the Coast.  But as you can imagine, a room full of Scouts or Scouters can be a bit loud and the snoring in the adult rooms is overwhelming.
The event being at the Army camp is great for me as a retiree from the Army.  The camp has an RV park, full hook ups and nice and level.  So each year, I bring the RV so I can participate in the event and still get a great nights sleep.  Win Win! Seeing as this is an Order of the Arrow event and not a unit event I don’t have to be with the boys from our Troop.
Friday we arrived at the Camp and got set up.  There was a little drizzle, but the weather was coming in.  By Friday night the winds were blowing steady at around 30 mph and gusting to 50 mph.
I had the slide out in place and the slide topper was smacking the roof.  It sounded like a freight train was coming through.  I went outside to check on the topper, nervous that it would rip or come unattached from the trailer.  I had never been in the RV with winds so high.  Being safer than sorry, I pulled the slide out in to keep the topper from being destroyed.
This settled the rocking down a little and I could sleep well knowing that no more damage would be done to the RV.
The trailer shook and rocked so much that it actually shifted off the blocks I put the stabilizers on.
The next morning the sun came out and the winds had died.  I did a good walk around the trailer and found no damage.. whew.  The topper was in place and worked properly when I put the slide out.  Relief.
We have never been in anything like that before in the RV.. it reminded though of the reason (one of the reasons) that we got into the RV.. We were camped in our tent at the coast when we got hit by 70 mph gusts.. it just was not fun anymore.  So on the way home from that trip we talked about looking into RVing.  We have not regretted that storm since.  But this time was a little different in that now it is our RV and I did not want to see it damaged.. A rip in a tent is a small issue compared to damage to an RV.
I am glad that I was in it though.. the Shake, Rattle, and Roll, of the RV was still better than a tent, and way better than sleeping in those barracks.
Question of the Week…
Whats the biggest storm you have been in with your RV?
Any great stories?
Have a Happy Day!

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