The BIG 5 List- Building Community

let's be social.This weeks Big 5 list comes with hat in hand.  I know that it takes time to build a community.  To make friends, build trust, and produce enough content that makes it worth while for people to want to pay a visit.
This goes for restaurants, retail stores, YouTube channels, and Blogs.  We all go where we feel welcome, have great service, and feel we get something in return for our time and treasure.  And so as we build community through our online medium we are attempting to do all of that.  Give you a reason to return, have some value for your time, and make you feel welcome as we tell our story.
So here is the Big 5 things that we can do to build our Happiness Community.
1.  Share.  As we share with you.. you share with us.  If you would trust us to become a part of our online community spread the word.
2.  Comment.  Leave us a comment.  That way this can be a two way conversation.  It is so much easier to talk when we know someone is listening and wanting to talk back.
3.  Visit often.  We are putting posts out at least three times a week.  So there is always something to see.
4.  Let is know what you think and want.  If it is a gear review, a certain subject discussed, or just want to say Hi!  Let us know what you think.  You can email us direct or send us a tweet.. or just leave a comment.  We really care what you think and want.
5.  Let is be apart of your community.  If you have a blog, a YouTube Channel, or have a great idea in search of happiness.. let us know who and where you are.  That way we can join you.
It is a simple plan.  Share, Comment, Visit, Talk to us, and Let us Join your Community!
Thanks for hanging in there as we build this blog.  If it’s not working for you, but you are interested, let us know!

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