The Company you Keep

17201265_10211096623424936_6421052433514078069_nSince we started our journey in the Happy Place a few years ago, we have found that there are different ways in which we enjoy our RVing experience.  We like the get away weekend where Teresa and I spend some time alone.  We also like to go as a part of a big group.  Most of the time however we like to spend our time with our group.  We have a lot of fun with our friends and family that we camp a lot with.  It is a big part of our RV community.
18740638_10211801748572624_756363865489076487_nAs we grow that community it is fun to find people that enjoy our type of camping and travel.  We are not full timers, but embrace many of the “Life style” choices of the full timers.  We love to mess around with gear, we love to travel, we love to spend time in our Happy Place.  Not quite ready to give up our sticks and bricks home, but if we were out every weekend in our camper, that would suit us just fine.
18700229_10211801750252666_3031405470785781557_nCamping with our Ka-tet (the name we call our little group) is a blast and because we enjoy each others company, we are open to exploring and seeing more in our campers.
Planning for longer distance and duration trips is on the horizon.  Muggy and Rob, Tom and Jen, and every once in awhile our Parents make up a super fun group to be with.  We add other couples in to the fold on occasion, but the company that you keep certainly drives how the journey goes.  Finding the right combinations of people and places make all the difference in the world when it comes to our experience.  Either way, we find that having the RV offers us more options to be with the ones we like to camp with and the things we do while out there.
In the coming year we will continue with our journey and look to some longer trips.  This coming summer we have a trip to the East planned that will take us to Kansas City and a big loop back home.  I can not wait for that one.
Our camping community is to expand.  We are enjoying getting to know new people and sharing our journey.  With the kick off of this blog and our Youtube channel we hope to grow that even more.
Glad you are coming along for the journey!
Stay tuned.. the best is yet to come!

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