The Big 5 List – Christmas Wishes

This weeks Big 5 list is all about our Happy Place.. I hope Santa and his Elves are reading this.. oh and they should Subscribe and Like the post too…
These are the Big 5 things that I was Santa to bring for the Happy Place.
anderson1.  Anderson Levelers.  I have been looking at these for two years now and am finally at the point where I want them.  They will make leveling the trailer a lot easier and reduce the time we spend checking the level and making adjustments.  We use your standard yellow leveling blocks now, and while they do a good job.. I think it is time for an upgrade.
Anderson Levelers on Amazon.
2.  LevelMatePro Bluetooth Vehicle Leveling System.  Ok.. so this one confirms me a gear geek, but I gotta tell you.. watch the video on this product and you will want one too.  Showed this to Teresa.. who has to get out every time to check the level and I think I have her sold on this idea.  This handy device makes setting up super easy.  We live in the Pacific Northwest, so rain is always an option.  Having this will make it a lot more comfortable setting up and quicker taking down to with the cool feature that remembers the height to your ball hitch.  It’s a tad bit spendy, but in the long run I think Santa would get his money back in convenience.
LevelMatePro Bluetooth Vehicle Leveling System
compressor3.  3 gal. 1/3 Horsepower 100 PSI Oil Free Pancake Air Compressor.  This item has a bunch of uses, namely keeping air in the tires and blowing out the water lines.  But I am certain there are more uses than that.  The reason I want this one is the size.  It is small, light, and stores in the RV with ease.  A friend of mine has this little gem and it actually saved my bacon on our last outing when I realized that our tires were a little low.  Saved possible blow out on the way home.
4.  New hard Rubber Chalks.  I have been using the typical yellow chalks that you get when you first buy your RV.  Well I started with four of them and have run over two of them.. totally flattening them.  They have done their work for the last two years, but again, time for an upgrade and something more secure.  I worry about the trailer stability at times, especially since more of the campgrounds and RV pads are uneven and you never know what you are going to get.  It never hurts to be a little safer than not.
5.  New memory foam set cushions for the dinette.  This is something that is a DIY project, but something that needs to get done.  As you know, the padding is not always the greatest.  From the bed mattress, to the dinette the cushions are less than desirable, especially after two years of sitting on them.  We replaced the bed mattress with memory foam and it is fantastic!!!  Now we need to replace the dinette cushions.  Looks like Santa might have to do that one himself.. err.. or bring some memory foam.
Well.. that’s the BIG 5 for this week.  With Christmas just a few days away I hope the list is not to late in getting published for the Jolly Old Elf to see.
Enjoy the Holiday!
Whats on Your List?

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