The BIG 5 List- Reasons to RV

Whether you are a Full Timer or a Weekend Warrior you started with a reason to get into the RV.  Once you got in I am sure you felt like us and wondered why you didn’t do it long ago.
Here is our BIG 5 Reasons to RV:
1.  It’s not a Tent.  We love to camp.. we have always loved to camp, but once we weathered some serious storms in the tent it started to get less and less fun.
The tent is not quiet, it is not as comfortable, and it’s not as convenient.wintercamping
2.  You can be comfortable with the comforts of home.  Yes I know.. you go camping to get away from home.  But when you are like Teresa.. you like the comforts of home while you are away, especially the queen bed, shower, and refrigerator.  There is something nice about loading up a weekend of food and heading out for an adventure.pupsbed
3.  You can go father and stay longer.  You are only limited by your sense of adventure.  Like number 2.  There is something real nice about having the RV all loaded and ready to go, just add some food and maybe some different clothes and you can hit the road.  Staying as long as you want is nice too.. you don’t get tired of laying on the ground, you never have to worry about being wet or needing to dry out.  So you can stay as long as you have days off.LLStub
4. Easier to just hook up and GO!  It seems now that we have the RV, it is so much easier to just hook up and go.  The trailer, by and large, is always loaded and ready.  Just add food.. and even then.. if we know we are camping near a store we may wait to add food till we get there.   Having the ability to have the comforts and essentials of home loaded and ready has made it more desirable to hit local camp grounds and plan those bigger trips.chopsongrill
5. Better with the Pups.  Since we have our little pups that pretty much go everywhere with us, we found it much easier to camp with them in the trailer.  They are creatures of comfort and like their space.  We have an oversize dog bed in the trailer and they have their bin of doggy stuff that make them feel right at home.  The trailer is also a safe place to keep them when we need to go out to local restaurants while at a camp ground. sadiebed
So.. there are five reasons we RV..
What are your BIG 5 reasons to RV?  Leave a comment and let us know.
Thanks for hanging out with us in our Happy Place!

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