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So this adventure of finding our Happy Place reached new levels with us.  Not only do we want to have that drive to get out in the RV and discover our Happy Place.. but we want to share that with you.
The Blog.  This is our platform for sharing.  I blogged for about 7 years in the past.  It was a Blog that was all about Scouting (Boy Scouts).  It had a pretty good audience and I was super happy with the community that it built.  We even had a meet up at the National Jamboree in 2010.  It was Fantastic.  The Scouting blog ran its course and due to the nature of being “out there” it got ugly a few years ago, you know.. folks that don’t necessarily agree wanting to troll until it was no longer fun.
I shut down that blog and settled into just being a regular Scout guy.  Well then we got the RV and after a little while discovered that this was the journey we wanted to get on.  I still do Scouting and am really active, but the RV is all about Us.. Teresa and me.  It’s our journey and we are happy.. so happy that we decided to share!
The Vlog.  Our YouTune Channel is evolving.  I have had the channel for years and it has been a catch all for my videos.  For awhile it was very Scoutcentric… after all that was the focus of my old blog.  Then we got into the RV.. and started to video our adventures.
I have been retooling the channel and now it is focused on this and we want to share it with you.
The Vlog or videos are a companion to the Blog.  I am not sure that it will ever stand alone, after all this whole journey is about the story… our Story.
We want to thank you again for coming along for our discovery of the Happy Place.  We all have one, it’s just a matter of finding it.
If I can ask.. maybe even beg… Please Like our Blog posts and Subscribe to get the blog via email.  Check out our Youtube Channel and Like and Subscribe there too.. it builds community and lets us know who is along for the journey!
Thanks a Million!

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