A Whole new World

19620941_10212181615709065_1052930825452599561_oWhen we purchased our RV in 2016 it was a brand new experience for us.  I have been an avid outdoorsman since I was a little kid.  I have camped all over the place and have been a backpacker for years so transitioning to the wonderful world of the Travel Trailer was to say the least something new and somewhat intimidating… lots of moving parts and certainly a bit more than I put in my pack.
We went to the RV show in Portland to look at RV’s once we made the decision to go that route.  It was overwhelming.  The features, the sizes, the layouts, and all of the stuff.  It seemed that the sky was the limit on how many features and how much you can spend.  Well we settled on what would become the Happy Place.  It was one of those glowing AHHHHHHHH moments.  Teresa and I sat in the Trailer and both agreed that this was the one.  We bought it.
Then came the steep learning curve of moving from the backpack to the RV.  Hoses, hook ups, and of course making it a place that we wanted to be in.. I mean my idea of camping never included dish towels and matching sheet sets.  I’ll never forget the day we picked up the trailer.  The salesman walked us through the retail store at the dealer and showed us all the stuff we “needed”.  And we took his advice and got a bunch of gear that, well. I don’t think we “needed”.. knowing what I know now.
Once we settled in and did our first shake down trip the RV became a bit more less intimidating.  Once I towed it a few times and learned to back it up the rest started getting routine.
The part that I came to love was that trip after trip we got better, we watched other folks in their RV’s and how they set up, took down, and the stuff they had.  I love that the community of the campground, pretty much like backpackers, except backpackers like to spread out and stay to themselves.. unless its time to talk gear.  We started to see better ways to do things and after our first year we had developed our way of doing things and went through our first gear check.  We pulled everything out and loaded the trailer with the stuff we actually used.  The rest went to the shed.  We started watching RV videos on Youtube and extended the community and saw how other folks managed in their RV’s.  It became a fun exercise to see what we could change or add to the trailer.
The tinkering of the trailer became almost an obsession.  That was when I knew we were hooked and totally committed to RVing.  Now, we are not ready for the full-time thing, but longer trips are on the horizon and we will maintain our current frequency of heading out each month to a local destination.
We enjoy visiting local shops, hikes, and the local faire when we roll into a Campground.  It’s a lot different from our old tent camping days where the camp was the thing.  Don’t get me wrong, we love to hang out in camp too.. but now it is more comfortable and certainly has more options for what we do and how we do it.  We often joke as we walk our pups around the loop that it is amazing that we ever liked camping in tents…  And we did.  I still get my share of backpacking with the Scouts, but our Happy Place is the Trailer that is for sure.
It’s been a whole new world for us discovering the wonderful RV camping style.  Don’t think we would have it any other way.. now.
This community at the Camp ground has become a feature we really love.. this blog is our attempt at extending that community.  So… thanks for stopping by our Happy Place!

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