Who are you?

So I am taking this “Class” through WordPress.  It is designed to create writing habits and work to building an audience.  So far I am getting some out of it, learning about tools and they give you tips to using all that WordPress offers.
They talk a lot about analyzing stats and using the analytics to build your site and grow.  I am sure that people that are blogging for a business pay close attention to all of that.. I am not sure how I will use it all yet, but I will certainly use the tips and advice.  One of the assignments was to the target audience.  I suppose in order to write that post I would need to have a better understanding of who my target audience is.  I have given it some thought and come to the conclusion that my target audience would be people like me.  People that love to RV, Camp, be in the outdoors.  People that like to tinker with their rigs.  People that are looking for ways to build that happier stress free life.    Yeah.. I guess that’s who I hope is reading the blog… or just anyone that stops by looking something of interest.
SO… who are you.  In order for me to build the blog and grow its audience, help me.  Tell me who you are and why you stopped by.  Feedback is a gift, good or bad.. I would really love to hear about you.
Please drop a comment in the section below.  Thanks

2 thoughts on “Who are you?

    • Thanks Darren.. this one is a lot different. The content seems a bit harder to come by and the audience is a lot different… so far a lot less interactive. Thanks for the comment.


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