The BIG 5 List- Christmas Movies

For our introductory BIG 5 List we are going to look at the Holiday’s… This is my BIG 5 All time favorite Christmas Movies.
Let me know what yours favorite Christmas Movies are…
Here we go

5.  A Christmas Carol (1951)
There has been many versions of this classic.  Early in High School I became a fan of Dickens.  I think the 1951 version starring Alastair Sim as Scrooge tells the story best for me.
The effects are cheesy, but the acting is superb! A great Christmas movie that brings a chill down your spine and warms your heart at the same time.
4.  White Christmas
What can you say.  This is the ultimate Christmas classic.  The music and dance keep me coming back.  It just never seems to get old for me.  Yeah.. would not make a popular movie these days, but there is something about White Christmas that brings me back to watching it as a kid.  I love Danny Kaye in most everything he did.  This movie just screams Christmas to me.white-christmas-christmas-movies-1534792971
3.  National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
This is my go to silly Christmas movie.  A timeless classic that is full one liners and scenes that come up at every family Christmas party.  Eddy is the ultimate RVer and a classic case of how not to dump your black tank.
2.  It’s a Wonderful Life
You just can not go wrong with It’s a Wonderful life.  A great message of hope and grace. There is something about Jimmy Stewart that will always bring me back to this classic.its-a-wonderful-life-christmas-movies-1534791161
1.  A Christmas Story.
Love this movie for a bunch of reasons, but namely because for years a bunch of our friends have gotten together for a gift exchange and to watch a Christmas movie.  This was the go to movie for many years.
There is something about the nostalgia of Christmas past.  Simpler times perhaps, it makes me want to have grown up back then.a-christmas-story-christmas-movies-1534790083

Well that’s the BIG 5 for this week.  Let me know what your favorite Christmas movies are.  And yeah.. I’ll even give you Die Hard as a Christmas movie…

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