Camco Screen Door Bar

I am sure that I am not the only one that is always looking at other RV’s and how folks set them up, gadgets, neat to have stuff, and upgrades or enhancements made to the RV to make is better, usable, or increase function.
A few trips back I was talking with a neighbor in the camp ground.  We were standing outside of their trailer and the screen door was open.  Attached to the door was a screen door bar, it caught my eye.  I asked him if his door came that way as I had not seen one before.  He told me he installed the bar and it took him about 10 minutes.
Recently I was at our local RV dealer getting the new fender for the trailer and I saw the screen door bars.  I think I paid about $13 for it.
I have been waiting for a rainy day to get some inside projects done and today was the day.
The install took 10 minutes, just like my neighbor had said.  Not a whole lot to it, but it certainly makes the screen door a bit more solid and it looks great too.
We had said we were going to try it on one of our doors and if we like it we will add it to the other.  Looks like I need to go get another one.  I really like it.
This is not a big WOW project, but something that anyone can do and just a nice addition to the Happy Place.
What are some things that you have done or plan on doing to make your RV perfect?
Let us know.

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