Getting to the Moon

If want to get to the moon, cheese burgers may not get you there… building a rocket and learning to fly may get you closer and a space suit would be helpful also.  You need to set goals if you want to reach your moon.
One of my passions is the Scouting movement, you may have seen in my videos me wearing a sweatshirt with “Wood Badge” on it.  Wood Badge is an adult leader training course that transforms good volunteers into dynamic, driven leaders.  One of the principle parts of the training program is Goal setting.  Within the context of the course, the building blocks of understanding ones vision and mission, goal setting sets the participant on a trajectory to complete goals set to see their vision become real.
None of this is secret or new.  This tool for goal setting has been around for some time, but within the context of the Wood Badge course it really comes to life and you start understanding that you truly can achieve your goals using this simple process.
First, you must know what you want.  Having an understanding of what you want the outcome to look like, even if it is a rough sketch.
Second, you need to understand that you eat an elephant, one little bite at a time.  Trying to swallow it whole will cause you to choke and give up on eating the elephant.  We teach to set 5 goals to achieve your vision.  Breaking the “elephant” into those bite size bits.
Third, have realistic and relevant goals.  Like I said cheese burgers rarely get you to the moon.. space suits do.
This will lead you to having very specific goals or tasks to accomplish the vision.
Set a timeline.  Circle a date on the calendar to shoot for completion.  If you don’t you will have a much time as you can imagine… and lets face it… we are human, life happens, other tasks get in the way.. and the next thing you know.. you are eating cheeseburgers.
Finally, know what the outcome is supposed to look like.  Have an understanding of what the finished product is and when you can say it is done.  You need to be able to measure your success.
Oh.. and finally finally… celebrate your success.. a frosty mug of root beer and a high five go a long way to getting in the habit of setting and accomplishing your goals.
Remember to use the S.M.A.R.T tool for goal setting.  
Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time based.
Ok.. so you got this far in the post and are wondering what the heck this have to do with travel, RVing, or getting healthy???
When we purchased our Travel Trailer (the Happy Place).  We set goals.  What did we want it to look like, layout, size, weight, and features.  How much did we want to spend.. and how were we going to pay for it?  We set goals for the trips we wanted to plan.  We have used this tool to set our health goals and our fitness goals.
To loose 10 pounds.  1. Eat right.  2. Go to the Gym.  3. Change our snacking habits. 4. Get good rest.  5. Set up accountability tools.
Within each of those we have specific items to work in.  I know it will be accomplished when I step on the scale in 3 months and see that I have lost the weight.  If I fall short.. then I try again until I get the result I want.  Maybe an adjustment will have to be made.. that’s ok.. adjust the action plan… adjust.. don’t give up.
This has worked over and over for us.  Getting out of debt, home projects, and living a Happier life!
Getting to the moon is not easy, but it can be attainable when you set your goals and work toward completion using this tool.
Let me know what you think.  Do you use something else?
Next goal… get a blog post out weekly!  It’s easy going now.. but maintaining an at least weekly blog looks daunting to me right now.
Step one… What does it look like.. I’m sure you will see the results.
More to come.

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