10 Tips for the Newbie… or…

Lessons that we have learned along the way.  We have been in our RV for just about three years now and have learned quite a bit about RVing and the how to’s and what not’s.
I put together 10 tips that can help the newbie to RV camping or help someone that may be trying to take a peak at how other folks do it.  We all know that we learn as we watch other people make mistakes or do things the way we like.  When we started out we took advise, some good and some bad, from people that had been doing this awhile.  We learned along the way what to listen to and what not to listen to.  What to buy and what to leave at Camping World.
So here are a few tips.  Further explanation is on the video.. oh and I am sorry for the poor video quality.  I’m playing with the things and still looking for a good video editor.. or better yet, learn to use the one I have.
If anyone has any ideas on the video stuff.. I am all ears and eyes.
Thanks for stopping by the Happy Place.. it’s great to have you along.
Remember that an Awesome Life starts with a Happy Place!

10 Tips for Newbies or lessons we learned

  1. When you first buy your RV.. get to know it. Press every button, open every door and run every system.
  2. Make it your own. We listened to everyone on how they did it, set it up, and got all the “must haves”.  You will find you will do things the way you do things… so pick and choose what you listen to and how you apply advice.
  3. Put together a tool kit. A screw driver with different heads is a must.  You will find yourself tightening loose screws all the time.
  4. Play around with your storage space.
  5. Establish a set up and take down routine. It will come in handy when it’s dark, wet, and late.
  6. Don’t spend a lot on trinkets and gadgets.
  7. Organization is critical in a small space.
  8. Do a walk around each time you hook up and get ready to pull.
  9. Get power adapters, extra hose and leveling blocks.
  10. When you buckle up for your trip.. go into relax mode. Take your time and enjoy the RV.

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